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久能山東照宮 宮司

#007 落合 偉洲さん / OCHIAI HIDEKUNI 01

2012.08.27 [INTERVIEW,INTERVIEW LIST,久能山東照宮 宮司 ・落合 偉洲さん]


Head Priest of Kunouzan Shrine / OCHIAI HIDEKUNI

Ochiai Hidekuni was born to a 28th generation Shinto Priest in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1945. After graduating in religious studies at Kokugakuin University he worked for the National Association of Shinto Shrines in public relations, protocol and policy and as general manager, before returning to his alma mater as a lecturer for 16 years. Since 1999 he has been at Kunouzan Shrine, first as the vice head and as curator of the Kunouzan Museum. In 2002, along with curatorship of the museum, he was promoted to Head Priest.


The 29th son of a Miyazaki Prefectural Shinto Shrine Priest

How long have you been Head Priest at Kunouzan?


会社で いえば、副社長のような立場でここに来たのが最初です。
そして平成14年に 「宮司」になりました。

I’m in my 11th year here. In March 1999, I was appointed Gonguji, which, if this were a company, would be the equivalent of Vice President. Then from 2002, I became Guji, or Head Priest.



Have you been involved in this line of work for long?


いました。 神様に仕える人たちを「神職(しんしょく)」と言う
んですけれども、その 「神職」を教育したり、資格を与えたり、
神社の規則の変更をしたりという 仕事もしていましたし、同時に、
私の母校でもある、東京の國學院大學 (こくがくいんだいがく)で
16年ほど教えていました。私が正式に「神職」 の仕事をするように


Before I came here, I worked for the National Association of Shrines, providing credentials and instructing Shinto Priests on policies and rules regarding shrines. I also taught at my alma mater, Kokugakuin University for about 16 years, and from there I came here to Kunouzan.



Why did you choose to become a Shinto Priest?


私の家が、神社だったからです。私の父が28代目の宮司で、今は弟が跡を 継いでいます。
It’s been my family’s traditional line of work. My father was a 28th generation Shinto Priest in my home town, and his role is now filled by my younger brother.



Did you require any special studies to become a Shrine Head Priest?


「神職」になるためには、國學院大學(こくがくいんだいがく)もしくは、 三重県・伊勢市にある皇學館大学
(こうがっかんだいがく)で学びます。 最初から國學院大學、皇學館大学に入って卒業して「神職」になるのが
ほとんどですが、他の大学を出た後、國學院大學、皇學館大学で学ぶという こともあります。


To become a Shinto Priest, you have to study at either the Kokugakuin University in Tokyo, or the Kogakkan University in Ise, Mie Prefecture. Most who graduate become Shinto priests. Many go to other universities first, and then attend one of these two universities.




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