Ninja Attack!


Book Review:Ninja Attack!

True Tales of Assassins, Samurai and Outlaws.
Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt. Illustrated by Yutaka Kondo.


Never,…NEVER judge a book by its’ cover!


I discovered Ninja Attack! on a bookstore shelf and immediately dismissed it as fluff.
A manga-esque picture of a ninja adorned the cover, complete with a camouflage like design featuring
ninja silhouettes. As is says (In Japanese) on the title, this book is “The Ninja Manual for Foreigners!”
and at the back is dedicated to “all ninja everywhere, real, fictional and wannabe!”



Foolishly I dismissed it for being a cash-in on the world Ninja craze, and normally would have
shunned such books in favour of a more scholarly tome, however once having looked through it,
and having seen the quality information contained within, had to add it to my collection.
I now have two copies of Ninja Attack, since a revised edition has been released in full color and
with an additional 16 pages of text.



There are strange stories, fascinating facts and ninja narratives, including bios on the most famous
ninja, even silver screen ninja details.


Although the information contained within the book is well researched, it is written with the modern
reader in mind, making it less an academic, more a pop culture like read, which is not a bad thing at all.
It certainly opens the history of the ninja to a wider range of readership, while providing information and
equal doses of entertainment. Design wise, the book is eye candy. Very catchy, very innovative, very



Manga styled illustrations by the talented Yutaka Kondo complimented with photographs and other design
elements add to the fast paced and witty narrative by authors Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda.


There are more people claiming to be practitioners of Ninjutsu now than there ever were true ninja
throughout history! No doubt through interest in this book, those numbers will swell yet again! After all,
who hasn’t wanted to be a ninja at some time in their life?


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